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How the extra virgin olive oil “Olio Tola” was born, from the producer to the consumer.

Love, passion and dedication to the cultivation of the olive trees handed down by generations in the Tola family... these are the ingredients that gave birth to extra virgin olive oil (EVO:acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Olio Tola.

Everything originated many years ago in Sicily , and our centenarians and ancient olive trees, perhaps even millennial, are the proof. The presence of some majestic olive trees, with a circumference of seven meters, with their grandeur, make them the custodians of the land and its traditions… but the real passion for the land comes from the grandfather Salvatore and the grandfather Onofrio, both producers and traders of extra virgin olive oil in the province of Palermo (Sicily).

Around the 2000s, Father Vincenzo dedicated himself to the cultivation of the family's olive groves and once he retired he decided to expand the property by purchasing other land in the rich area of ​​olive groves in the province of Palermo, in the territory of Partinico and Monreale, farsighted that something soon would born.

In these years, passion and competence is transmitted to his sons, to such an extent that one of them, Salvatore, graduated in Engineering, droppes out his job in Milan and decides to devote himself full time to manage the olive groves and sale the extra virgin olive oil produced. So, in July 2012, theAzienda Agricola Tola Salvatore was born with about 1200 olive trees cultivated in the fertile soils of the DOP area Val di Mazara.

Currently the olive trees are more than 2000. The latest trees were planted in October 2018 by Salvatore and dad Vincenzo, both united by the idea that the company must be young but with ancient roots, projected towards the future but with respect for the land and its traditions.

Olio Tola extra virgin olive oil is obtained by hand harvesting and cold pressing of the cerasuola cultivar, a cultivar rich in polyphenols with a medium intensity fruity, the right balance of bitterness followed by a spicy the sensation of freshly cut grass, artichoke and tomato.

The EVO “Olio Tola” can be purchased online on our website or at our headquarter in via Juvarra 27 in Biella or at our retailers.