Oil obtained exclusively from olives collected from centuries-old trees and bottled in a limited edition

From hand-picked olives and cold extracted

Monocultivar Cerasuola - 100% made in Italy


Four generations of oil producers with experience and passion


From a careful selection of Monocultivar Cerasuola olives


Olives cold pressed within eight hours from collection

  • The green gold: an ancient story

    Currently the company has got an extension of 10 hectares with more than 2000 olive trees in the territory of Partinico and Monreale in Val di Mazara DOP area

  • The extra virgin olive oil, the signature of Made in Italy cuisine

    Oil with a full and enveloping aroma typical of the freshly picked fruit, rich in polyphenols and with very low acidity

  • Promoted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from health food to medicine

    The harvest starts as soon as the olives have their first veraison

Along the edge of oil

How Olio Tola extra virgin olive oil is produced